Cynthia Bullock VA: Your Virtual Hands

Social Media

It’s easy to see how you can find yourself overwhelmed: between blogging, tweeting, updating your status on Facebook, and maintaining your LinkedIn connections, you may be wondering how can you do all of these things and still be able to run your business? Having a Virtual Assistant who specializes in Social Media will answer those questions and erase those problems.

The Importance of Social Media

No matter how you look at it, every business needs to have a social media presence. It’s vital. With over 400 million people on Facebook, 75 million people on Twitter and 60 million on LinkedIn (with one new member added each second) any business owner who is not a part of the social media community is missing a magnificent opportunity to grow their business.

What I Can Do for You

While you will be responsible for the actual interactions on these sites, (transparency and authenticity are the mainstays of social media) all things outside of that will be where I can come in. I can create a social media action plan, manage your presence, schedule your tweets, blog posts, and updates, and even post some of them. I can also come up with topics of interest and be on top of all the latest social media information as it pertains to the growth of your business. I can find groups you should join, followers you should have, and fan pages you should join. Think of me as your eyes and ears of all things social media.

Look at your social media engagement as a fine dining experience. As your VA, I can plan the evening, invite the guests, pick and get you to the restaurant, as well as get you the best table in the house. I can also select the meal, wine, and dessert. All you’ll be required to do is sit and enjoy your meal and guests.

Together we can design the package of services that suits you and your business.